Gocleer is in the European EIT Urban Mobility initiative

Gocleer forma parte del EIT Urban Mobility Acceleration Programme

At Gocleer we are committed to promote the transformation of urban mobility. For this reason we will participate with our founders in the EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator Programme, an initiative by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) with the aim to reinforce our commitment to the mission of protecting the mobility of millions of people in an international mobility hub such as Barcelona.

At Gocleer, we recognize that our mobility is facing many challenges today, such as long commutes, the encroachment of urban areas, and deteriorating air quality in cities. This is why we have enrolled this programme, in order to accelerate positive change in mobility to make urban spaces more liveable.

What is the EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator?

The EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator is a EU-funded program in five European regional hubs implemented through partners to take early-stage mobility start-ups to the next level. They accelerate early-stage startup teams with business ideas that reduce congestion, increase efficiency, safety and sustainability in the transport system. With innovative approaches to make commuting faster, safer and more enjoyable.

The acceleration programme lasts 6 months and in summary is focused on:

  • Developing pilot projects with relevant mobility stakeholders.
  • Provide mentoring, frameworks and working methodologies.
  • Validate products in real mobility implementation environments.
  • Building synergies between mobility companies and start-ups.

Why Gocleer?

We are proud to have been one of the twelve chosen companies to help build a new mobility and facilitate a better urban mobility. Gocleer was chosen because we are the only platform that rewards sustainable trips and safe driving habits. Among these are free rides on green transportation, donation programs for climate change, and safety-related discounts. We are also a key partner for the future of people-centric safe mobility, closing de gap of protection in urban areas.

Click here to find out more about the acceleration programme!

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